AQUAVIT has always believed in the power of innovation.

Innovation is what drives technological advancement, leading to quantum leaps forward in functionality and durability.

We have a team of people dedicated to developing product ranges that innovate in their form and function.

We design products that not only look great but are easy to install, maintain and minimize environmental impact.

Easy Move
Ensures a lifetime of maintenance free comfort and reliability, precise temperature adjustment. this is a good example of design and technology fusing to bring you an enhanced water experience.

Star Plating
Lustrous, mirror-like sheen that is soil repellent, scratch resistant and non-tarnishing, ensures a color fast, good- as -new appearance for years to come.

Air Injet
Each drop of water is infused with air, for an invigorating high-performance shower and saving water.

Lead Free
Materials and functions for maximum hygiene and to preserve the water quality.

Soft Water
A generous rain effect enhances the pleasure of the shower.

Smart Clean
Cleaning the surface from limescale with the gesture of a finger.

Multi Finish
Surface finishes are available in various color and materials.

Cold Touch
Feature an innovative cooling channel, creating a barrier between the hot water and the outer surface, Ensures there is no risk of scalding from a hot chrome surface of our showers.

Extremely Quite
Extremely quite, ensures that there is no irritating noise of water hammering.

Thermo Stable
Thanks to VERNET Cartridge, our thermostat valves able to deliver near instantaneous, precise temperature control for the highest level of convenience, comfort and safety.

Eco Care
Option to minimize consumption naturally integrated, consumes up to 50% less water and energy.

Easy To Install
Technical components allow for quick and precise installation.

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